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shyn Trâm
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Vui vẻ Language focus - Unit 12 trang 144 tiếng Anh 11

on Sun Aug 21, 2016 2:56 pm
Exercise 1. Complete each of the following sentences, using a suitable sentence in the box to make a relative clause without a relative pronoun.
1. Have you found the bike you lost?
2. Most of the classmates he invited to the birthday party couldn't come.
3. The short stories John told were very funny.
4. The dictionary I bought yesterday is expensive, but very interesting.
5. I  didn't like the man we met this morning.
6. The beef we had for lunch was really delicious.
Exercise 3. Tick (V) the sentences in which the relative pronoun can be omitted.
1. Are these the keys that you are looking for?
2. The girl who we are going to see is from Britain.                     V
3. He works for a company that makes cars.
4. What was the name of the man who you met yesterday?        V
5.  The table that was broken has now been repaired.
6. Do you know the girl who he is talking to.                                V
7. This is the novel thal I've been expecting.                                V
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