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Hoàng Anh Thư
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Super tv cấp 1
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on Tue Aug 30, 2016 11:17 am
I do many things everyday,. The things I enjoy doing most, however, are picking flowers and preparing my school lessons.
As a girl of fourteen years of age, I Giúp my mother everyday. My mother is a very religious lady. Every evening, before her prayers, I go out in search of flowers which she needs during her prayer. I must admit that looking for flowers around my house is a very pleasant exercise. I go to all our neighbors’ gardens where a great variety of flowers can be found. Our neighbors are very kind and they allow me to pick as many flowers as I like. As I look at the flowers, I felt extremely happy. They are so beautiful and colorful that they make the gardens the best place to visit in our area. Once I am in these gardens I spend a long time to pick flowers because of the sheer pleasure of walking inside the gardens. Then, I return to the house with the best flowers that grow in these gardens, and my mother is always happy to see them. Thus, I must say that I enjoy picking flowers very much.Preparing my school lessons also gives me a lot of pleasure. As I prepare them, I learn many things about the world and its affairs, past and present. I also learn about the people around us as well as those who are thousand of miles away in different lands across the oceans. Further, I learn more and more new words and phrases which Giúp me to express my own thoughts and feelings better. Besides, the knowledge that I acquire while preparing my lessons helps me to meet and talk with people with greater confidence. It is for these reasons that I like to prepare my lessons.
Thus, the things that I like to do most not only amuse my mind but also contribute to the extension of my knowledge.
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